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A number of Journal Publications will follow HAICTA2013 publishing selected, high-quality publications of the conference, for details see Proceedings

Journal of Systems and Information Technology
Ιnternational Journal of Agricultural Environmental Information

Linked Open Earth Observation Data and its Applications

Manolis Koubarakis, Professor
Department of Informatics and Telecommunications
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens







A lot of remotely sensed data coming from satellites has become available at no cost recently, and there is a strong push for more open Earth Observation data. Open Earth Observation data that are currently made available by space agencies (e.g., ESA) are not following the linked data paradigm. The ICT STREP project TELEIOS introduced the linked data paradigm to the Earth Observation domain recently, and developed prototype applications (wildfire monitoring and burnt scar mapping, semantic catalogues and rapid mapping) that are based on transforming Earth Observation products into RDF, and combining them with open linked geospatial data. In this talk, we survey the technologies developed in TELEIOS by concentrating on a fire monitoring application that is currently operational at the National Observatory of Athens and available on the Web ( We also discuss possible applications of TELEIOS technologies to agriculture and point out directions for future work.

About the speaker

Manolis Koubarakis is a Professor in the Dept. of Informatics and Telecommunications, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He has published more than 120 papers that have been widely cited in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (especially Knowledge Representation), Databases, Semantic Web and Linked Data. His research has been financially supported by the European Commission, the Greek General Secretariat for Research and Technology and industry sources (Microsoft Research and British Telecommunications). He is currently co-ordinating project TELEIOS ( which is building a Virtual Earth Observatory using a combination of technologies based on Linked Data, Semantic Web (geospatial extensions of RDF and SPARQL) and Databases (array extensions of SQL). He also participates in Optique (, a recent European effort in the area of Big Data with application scenarios from the energy sector (Statoil and Siemens).


An Evaluation of the Research, Initiatives and the Progress Made on e-Government Services in the European Union

Alexander B. Sideridis, professor
Head of the Informatics Laboratory
Agricultural University of Athens, GR









Advanced e-Government services in modern societies, with complex day to day activities, is a prerequisite not only for meeting citizen’s needs but also in creating the background for the development of knowledge based economies. This observation had lead the European Commission to very significant decisions for the information society and media, aiming at further enhancing the contribution of Information and Communication Technologies to societies and citizens’ life on one hand and, on the other, to the global economy as a whole. Ambitious plans of accelerating the whole process of e-Governmentfor all in the member states of the EU, with so diverse political, social and economic systems, are not easily implemented and, quite often, fail to meet their targets, in spite of the available resources both of national and community public expenditure. To all this complexity the increased pressure for deviation from the original plans should be added, due to the economic crisis in Europe, appeared during the crucial period of systems implementation. As it is obvious, a number of political priorities, research plans and numerous projects have to be changed and timetables have to be reviewed accordingly.

About the speaker

Prof. Alexander B. Sideridis is Head of the Informatics Laboratory of the Agricultural University of Athens and President of the Greek Scientific Council for the Information Society. He has published over 200 scientific papers and research books, more than 250 feasibility studies, 32 books of Informatics for State Education Institutions and a large number of white papers and scientific deliverables for European research projects in the areas of Management & Decision Support Systems, Advanced Computational Numerical Modeling, Informatics & Impact of Computers in Society, e- Government and Agricultural Informatics.


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