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A number of Journal Publications will follow HAICTA2013 publishing selected, high-quality publications of the conference, for details see Proceedings

Journal of Systems and Information Technology
Ιnternational Journal of Agricultural Environmental Information

The conference will be held in the beautiful island of Corfu in Greece.


The department of informatics is located in several buildings in city center.

The address of the building that the conference will run is: Ioani Theotoki 72 kerkyra, Corfu, 49100




The island of Corfu (Korfu, Kerkyra) is unlike any other Greek Island, displaying a fusion of features originating from the Venetian, the French and the British culture, taking visitors on a trip to the past. Corfu is endowed by nature with idyllic landscapes, enchanting coves, wide sandy beaches, pine forests, cypress. Archaeological sites, castles, monasteries, churches, museums, great architecture in the capital and traditional villages in the hinterland and the excellent tourist infrastructure have given to island a cosmopolitan character and have made it known throughout the world.  The Capital of Corfu is a beautiful city of the same name. The Palia Poli, has a Venetian structure, is built between two fortresses and has a romantic figure: pedestrian promenades, beautiful squares and neoclassical buildings, churches and historical monuments. The Nea Poli has a good layout and stretches back from the Palia Poli.


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